Review from "Almost, Maine" (2014) 

"This is the show for YOU. One DARN GOOD SHOW. It's MAGIC will touch you. GUARANTEED." 
Review from "Almost, Maine" - The Detroit New Monitor (2014) 

Review from "Almost, Maine"- Encore Michigan (2014) 

"PERFECTLY ENCHANTING! This is a TRUE ACTORS’ script... And this cast SPARKLES.” 
Review from "Almost, Maine" - The Examiner (2014) 

"A Sweet Smell of Success in Marine City. MATTHEW BERDAHL... is GIFTED with a POWERFUL VOICE and a WRY SENSE OF COMEDY, bringing a sharp edge to the musical's subplots." 
Review from "She Loves Me" - Encore Michigan (2013) 

"Katie Parzych and MATT BERDAHL portray younger “memory” versions of themselves and shades of former husband/wife…to let on too much here would be to spoil the ENCHANTMENT. Both Parzych and BERDAHL are EXCELLENT in their roles — be that portraying people in the long past, or jitterbugging away the night in the 40′s."
Review from "Moonglow" - A2View.com (2013)

"Katie Parzych and BERDAHL, as young Maxine and Joe, embody youthful enthusiasm WINNINGLY, with GRACE and CHARM... 
“Moonglow”’s biggest achievement is that it manages to counterbalance humor, absurdity and love in the face of grief."

Review from "Moonglow" - MLive.com (2013)

"If Matt Berdahl stars in a musical theater comedy, it instantly becomes a MUST SEE. His IMPECCABLE COMIC TIMING and BEAUTIFUL VOICE make for an UNFORGETTABLE evening at the theater. He brings equal talent to more serious dramas, starring most recently as Yvan in "Art".
Press for "The Fantasticks" - The Ledger (2013)

"For me, the show was carried by the STONG ACTING... MATT BERDAHL who plays the boy does a WONDERFUL job as the joyous young lad."
Review from "The Fantasticks" - Playbill Collector (2013)

"A TRIUMPH for Skylark Opera... as Boy and Girl, MATT BERDAHL and Quinn Shadko maintain just the right quality of guilelessness without ever becoming cloying. And their voices blend nicely... Skylark SHINES in 'The Fantasticks'"
Review from "The Fantasticks"- Star Tribune (2013)

Review from "The Fantasticks" - Cherry and Spoon (2013)

"ALL STAR CAST- A TERRIFIC cast of emerging talents from the fields of opera and musical theater… an EXPERT ENSEMBLE. As the young lovers, MATT BERDAHL and Quinn Shadko make convincing transitions from innocent to damaged… An EXCELLENT production”
Review from "The Fantasticks" - Pioneer Press (2013)

"The engaging voices, excellent comic timing, delightful dancing and attention to the smallest details imbue "She Loves Me" with an endearing innocence and old world elegance... The play also features MATT BERDAHL as the despicable Steven Kodaly."
Review from "She Loves Me" - The Bemidji Pioneer (2013)

"The ACTORS WERE GREAT and the venue is VERY NICE. There were some GOOD LAUGHS."
Review from "Art" - Goldstar (2013)

"The Acting was EXCEPTIONAL... (Judas) and Matthew Berdahl (Isaac) were GREAT with taking full ownership of their characters... It was very TOUCHING."
Review from "Kingdom Undone" - Playbill Collector (2013)

... Judas' ill-fated cousin Isaac (Matthew Berdahl) is working with the Zealots... Berdahl does a Great job with an angry, wounded character, eliciting a lot of sympathy, especially as he follows Jesus on his final journey to the cross, but the script could trust him to do more with less, leaving the Zealots out of it, and we wouldn't know the difference."
Review from "Kingdom Undone" - Matthew A. Everett, T.C. Daily Planet (2012)

"LIGHT-FOOTED and DETAILED performance as Danceny."
Review from "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" - T.C. Daily Planet (2012)

"The two male leads were fabulous. Cross dressing romp. Laughed most of the show. Full of energy. This is a fabulous theater."
Review from "Leading Ladies" - Goldstar (2011)

"I found myself looking forward to the scenes with MATTHEW BERDAHL in them. His disarming charm and ease with each character was a joy to watch. He shared a brilliant scene with other newcomer to Lyric Art, Kinsey Diment in which he totally mucks things up in  a very sweet way."
Review from "Almost, Maine" -Tim Knox (2011)

"All four of us really enjoyed the show. The cast is very talented and enthusiastic. There were tears and lots of laughter among our group. Thank you for offering this opportunity."
Review from "Neo Cabaret: On Our Own"- Goldstar (2010)

"The Theatre B production revels in screwed-up characters dealing with peculiar circumstances. Jean finishes her bowl of lobster bisque in a nondescript café and grows irritated by a man’s cell phone that keeps ringing. Taking matters into her own hands, she realizes the man, Gordon, played by the best corpse actor in the business, Matt Berdahl, is dead… The play is full of dark whimsy and oddities. She builds him up, loving him. When he shows his true personality, she is disgusted. This fascinating play emphasizes female insecurities, heightened by Gordon, a cold, self-absorbed male, leaving a path of emotional wreckage behind."
Review from "Dead Man's Cell Phone" - Roland Finger, High Plains Reader (2010)

"MATT BERDAHL, who portrays three totally different characters in his various scenes, is a SHOW STOPPER. Berdahl is the kind of actor that makes the general audience ask, “WHO IS THIS FUNNY GUY?” and some specifically wonder, “HOW CAN I GET HIS NUMBER?” Truly, Berdahl is HILARIOUS and WONDERFULLY PLAYFUL in each of his roles. His UNEXPECTED, CLEVER line delivery alone is worth attending the show for. Somehow EERILY REMINISCENT OF JEFF DANIELS, Berdahl is a COMIC and ROMANTIC GENIUS local actor who is DREAMILY WATCH-ABLE and SKILLFULLY RESPECTABLE."
Review from "Almost, Maine" - Phaidra Yunker, High Plains Reader (2010)

"Vonasek and BERDAHL as Max and Leo are the PERFECT PAIR, both visually and musically. They can do physical comedy, they can do schtick and, boy, can they sing. They sounded TERRIFIC."
Review from "The Producers" - Paulette Tobin, Grand Forks Herald (2010)

"This is a very talented cast. Perhaps the best surprise was Matt Berdahl, who played Leaf, a homeschooled boy who wears a cape and bicycle helmet. As an alternate at the bee, Leaf is unsure he’s much of a speller. Luckily, his sock puppet has no such reservations. Berdahl also plays an alternate role as one of Loggaine’s two dads, the crazy-eyed “you must win” kind of father that other parents avoid at hockey games. Berdahl shifts back and forth in those roles, from young boy to super-serious adult and back again, in a way that actually is kind of spooky."
Review from "... Putnam County Spelling Bee" - Paulette Tobin, Grand Forks Herald (2010)

"The actors were very professional and very entertaining. Paul and Matt were exceptional. I really enjoyed their performance and the interaction they provided to the students. My students are still talking about how much fun they had at the presentation. They were so involved, that they didn't even realize that they were learning too. Best actors I've seen for this program in 18 years of teaching."
Response to "The Further Adventures of Louie The Lightning Bug" (2010)

"I can say with confidence that Matt is not only one of the hardest working young actors I know, but is also one of the most enjoyable to work with.... I believe that Matt’s hard working nature, combined with his upbeat and likable personality will bring him a bright future. "
Shelly Gaza (Denver Area Equity)

"I believe that Mr. Berdahl is a fine theatre artist who, if given the chance, will surpass any expectations that you may have."
Craig A. Ellingson (Straw Hat Players)

"I have seen this kind of thing happen over and over with Matthew’s work in the theatre. He is a skilled and dedicated actor. He is fearless and willing to try anything. He makes bold choices. His natural likeability shines through his performances, making him attractive and fun on stage."
Dr. David Wheeler (MSUM)

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